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  • Dr. Marckdaline Johnson, PhD, LCSW


    Have you ever gone into a relationship, marriage, or pregnancy expecting to lose yourself or a child? Has abortion, miscarriage, or loss of yourself left you feeling shame, guilt, embarrassment, confused, or overwhelmed? You are not alone! Even with the inevitability of loss, many of us do not know how to process these thoughts or emotions when it happens.

    As a daughter of immigrant parents, a wife & mother, Dr. Marckdaline Johnson has personally felt the deep impact of loss, as well as the beauty in healing. As a therapist, Dr. Johnson recognizes that the weight of shame, guilt, and embarrassment has the potential to keep us from tapping into our innate strength and ability to overcome loss. Dr. Johnson’s clinical background and PhD in Marriage & Family Therapy enables her to work as a client-centered therapist who integrates clients’ individuation,spirituality, mental well-being, and family system into the therapeutic process.

    • Dr. Johnson’s goals for her male and female clients:
    • Feel safe in every moment of your therapeutic journey.
    • Discover that nothing is too shameful to bring up in therapy.
    • Embrace the strength in your voice as you move along your healing journey.

    Dr. Johnson believes healing is possible for everyone and understands that taking the first steps towards healing may seem terrifying. With each step, she is committed to walking with you in The Sanctuary Care & Counseling Center.