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  • Yashica M. Smith, M.Ed. , LPSC

    Parenting is intentional. Sometimes parents need help with new perspectives, tools, and goal setting that help our children learn to independently create & maintain healthy spaces, behaviors, and habits. As a single mom, licensed professional school counselor, and a parenting coach, Yashica understands firsthand how vital building community, and keeping your balance is when raising children.

    Yashica, affectionately known as “ Shica”, is asked on many occasions for strategies and tools to help parents create the necessary structure that would allow their children to exhibit the same positive behaviors at home , that they display in the classroom. Yashica is fun yet firm, goal-oriented, no-nonsense, and nurturing. She desires to support parents who need a little encouragement & guidance. She understands that our children need us more than ever. She sees the overwhelming expectations that parents, especially single parents, carry daily. As a parenting coach Yashica wants parents to understand that they are not alone, and they must learn to let go. She wants parents to lean into their purpose of being called to create children who grow into adults comfortable in their independence, voice, and being. You got this!