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  • Clinical Supervision

    The supervisory relationship is the pillar that supports everything else about supervision”

    – (Bernard, & Goodyear, 2018).

    If you are at the stage in your professional development in which you are seeking a supportive, encouraging, empowering, and collaborative mentor and supervisor who will partner with you as you navigate becoming an independently licensed clinician, then please give us a call so that we can discuss your unique needs and where you are on your journey.

    Clinical Consultation

    Just as many of us inform our clients that – they “are not alone”, I’d also like to remind you the compassionate clinician, that you are also NOT alone. Dealing with a complex case and could benefit from the support of a collaborative team? Maybe there is no complexity, but a desire for connection and community. If this speaks to you then please consider contacting us so we can further explore your consultation needs.