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  • Ty Jackson, LCSW


    Are you feeling overwhelmed, constantly worried, anxious? Are you angry and frustrated but don’t know why? Are past traumas, or emotional wounds impacting your relationships and your personal growth? What if I told you that there are solutions and a path forward, would you believe me? Life brings challenges that can hurt us emotionally, but these challenges don’t have to keep us stuck, or define who we are.

    I am Tyler Jackson, a devoted therapist with years of experience, and an Army Veteran who specializes in trauma and anxiety. When working with clients I have three primary goals:

    • I prioritize creating a safe space and a sacred environment where clients can freely express their thoughts, emotions, and concerns without judgment.
    • I provide guidance and support to assist clients in exploring their experiences and aid them in making sense of their thoughts and emotions.
    • I guide clients through understanding how anxiety and traumatic experiences have impacted their lives.

    Through self-compassion, exploration, and courageous confrontation we work together to obtain a better understanding of challenges, and barriers that are preventing clients from becoming the best version of themselves. Even if you are afraid, if you are an adult who is ready for healing and transformation allow me to partner with you on this journey. Let’s navigate it together; I’ll meet you in The Sanctuary.